Josh Norman Plans New Celebration To Go After NFL’s Hypocrisy



Josh Norman is one of the most outspoken players in the league. He’s as famous for his outlandish statements and antics as he is for his monstrous defensive plays. So when Norman became yet another player to face the strict celebration penalties the NFL has been handing out this season, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to just let it go.

As it turns out, Norman has planned a pretty elaborate celebration that will surely infuriate the league, even if it shouldn’t. Norman figured that since the NFL is heavily sponsored by beer, they shouldn’t object to a beer-based celebration. Via USA Today:

Since they sell beer on TV while kids are watching it, I’m thinking I might open a keg on the field, and I’m going to drink it on the field. And I don’t see that being on the rule book.

While he’s correct in thinking that drinking from an imaginary keg isn’t on the list of banned celebrations, he was fined for miming a bow and arrow, which also isn’t on that list. It’s likely that Norman will get fined if and when he pulls this celebration. Norman thinks that’s hypocritical of a league that makes millions marketing beer during broadcasts watched by children.

I was kind of like, if they’re doing that, then why can’t my celebration be legal? I mean, you’re selling ads on TV, so why can’t my celebration be legal? It’s a catch-22, man. These guys are serious.

The NFL cites the family nature of the game as the chief reason for banning excessive celebrations, so it’ll be interesting to see how they react when he calls them out for marketing alcohol during those same broadcasts.

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