Josh Smith Has Finally Found His Next Stop



This past offseason, veteran forward Josh Smith received little interest on the free-agent market. Despite that, he has kept his hopes high on continuing his NBA career. According to David Pick, Smith appears to be nearing a deal to with Sichuan Whales in the Chinese Basketball Association.

This is commonly a route taken by NBA players toward the end of their career in order to either keep playing professional basketball or draw interest from an NBA team. Many players from Tracy McGrady to J.R. Smith have gone this route at some point of their careers. Smith is clearly trying to get back into the NBA later this season.

The CBA season ends near March giving him enough time to jumping back into the thick of things with an NBA team. This is exactly what Carlos Boozer is hoping to do this year as well. All in all, this could be Smith’s last chance to prove he can still be a productive player.

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