Kane May Have Just Revealed When He Plans On Retiring



In nearly the last two decades, Kane has had a prominent role on the WWE scene. He has accomplished much over his career that has many wondering when his time will come to step away from the ring. In a recent interview with TopRopePress.com, he touched upon that subject with some interesting details.

“As long as I’m still performing at the top level, as long as I’m still having fun and as long as I feel that I’m giving the audience their money’s worth. That’s always been my benchmark for going on. It’s rewarding for me now with some of the other guys coming up and seeing what they are going to be capable of doing in the future. And seeing them mature and I’m happy to be part of this process. “

It’s clear that he still possesses much passion for wrestling that doesn’t appear to be dwindling down anytime soon. In fact, he is still going strong as one of the main fixtures on Smackdown Live after the brand split draft a few months ago. He is also still a strong performer in the ring that can dominate a match purely through his strength.

The only thing that has changed now is that he’s relishing the role of putting other guys over. He is one of the main veteran voices backstage that has a wealth of experience that can help the y0unger wrestlers on the roster. With that aspect now fueling his passion, expect him to stick around for quite awhile longer.

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