Kent Bazemore Issues An Apology After A Flagrant Foul During Season Opener



The Hawks started their season off strong last night with a win over Eastern Conference rivals the Washington Wizards. With the loss of Jeff Teague and Al Horford, and the addition of Dwight Howard, there were a lot of questions about how the Hawks would perform this year, and last night helped put those questions to rest.

One player that didn’t have a question mark by his name was Kent Bazemore. He’s been an excellent player with a great attitude for years, and he continued that streak last night. He did, however, have one major incident, a flagrant foul on John Wall. It happened when Wall got a break away and Bazemore went after him. It didn’t seem deliberate, as Wall looked to be going up to the right but ended up going left at the last second, leaving Bazemore with no time to react. Either way, he ended up undercutting him and dropping him to the floor.

Bazemore apparently felt terrible about the incident. It was surprising to see it happen at all, as Bazemore is generally known as a honest and decent guy, both on and off the court. He felt so guilty that he decided to issue a public apology to Wall today for the incident.

It takes a big person to admit to their mistakes and apologize. It’s great to see Bazemore take ownership of his mistake and apologize. It’s the kind of attitude that some of the dirtier players in the league (cough Draymond Green cough) could learn from.

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