Kent Bazemore Reveals The Team He Almost Signed With, Why He Stayed In Atlanta



Kent Bazemore may not have been the high profile free agent last summer that guys like Kevin Durant and Al Horford were, but he was still one of the most sought after players available. His ability to play both the two and three positions, combined with his defensive capabilities and his three point shooting skills, make him a valuable asset to virtually any roster.

He ultimately elected to stay in Atlanta and re-sign with the Hawks. But in an interview with the Houston Chronicler this week, Bazemore revealed that he was extremely close to leaving to play for the Houston Rockets. He received offers from many teams, but Houston’s presentation was the only one outside of the Hawks that really impressed him and attracted him. But ultimately he decided that he liked the city of Atlanta too much to leave:

“It was close,” Bazemore said. “Obviously, I have a history with Coach (Mike) D’Antoni out in LA. It was my first big free agency. They brought out all the stops. I definitely felt they were on board and excited about having me a part of that team. As a player that’s what you want.

“We had the meeting here in Atlanta. Walking outside in Atlanta, for me the biggest thing was I don’t really want to move again. I’m starting to grow a network here. My fiancé loves it here. Stay someplace where your roots are starting to grow. I think it’s pivotal at this point in life to keep putting the pieces together.”

Bazemore has proved to be a valuable part of the new Hawks line up, combining well with Dwight Howard and Dennis Schroeder to lead the Hawks to a 4-2 record to start the season. The Hawks will be gunning for another run in the playoffs this season, and Bazemore looks to be a huge part of that.

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