Kevin Durant Has Clearly Grown Beyond Frustrated With The Media



In the last few months, it has been a media circus surrounding everything concerning Kevin Durant since his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. It could be argued that the primary focus has been on him. According to Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area, Durant has a message for the media.

“Man, whatever I say is going to be twisted up.”

“So I can’t … I’m just going to say how I feel from now on. People that know me know what I mean, so it is what it is. Anything I say will be twisted up and be a headline. So it is what it is.”

The seven-time league MVP is referring to his most recent comments about the Warriors losing the 2016 NBA Finals that were taken in the context that he was happy that they lost the series. It was not the case at all as Durant just didn’t want to join a team that just won the championship. The true intent of what he said is that by Golden State losing it opened up way in his mind to the possibility signing with them.

There have been many instances where the media has misconstrued what the former league MVP has had stated. This is why for most of his career he has not been entirely open to the public. The constant badgering about of questions about his decision have done much help in that regard.

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