Kevin Durant Isn’t Bothered One Bit About What One NBA Star Said



During the free agency process for Kevin Durant, he met with several different teams and had a few hour-long meetings to discuss his potential fit with the organization. One of which was the Boston Celtics, who pulled out all the stops to get him to sign with them. Following his decision, Jae Crowder publicly spewed his anger about Durant knowing the inside working of the team of how to defend the Golden State Warriors. In light of that, Durant has finally decided to address the topic at hand with’s Chris Haynes.

“I got nothing but love and respect for Jae Crowder and how he approaches the game and how he plays, but we disagree on me coming here,” Durant said. “That’s just how it is. It’s all good. We’re going to compete no matter what. That’s one thing — you can say a lot of stuff in the media or wherever you are, but we’re going to compete when we’re in between the lines. That doesn’t change anything.”

Durant is clearly beyond this entire situation as something in the past. It’s something that he has no ill will against Crowder or the Celtics that he understands the frustration. There isn’t much outside of that has drawn any attention from Durant.

Boston just went all out for the former league MVP and it didn’t work out in their favor. Their main concern now should be building a team that can get past the Cleveland Cavaliers first before worrying about the Warriors. Durant should be the furthest thing from their minds at this point in time.

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