Kevin Durant Just Made His First Game Against Thunder Must-Watch TV For Another Reason



Leading up to his first game since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant has had plenty to say about the entire situation. It has only built up more anticipation for what will happen on the court. In light of that, Durant provided another wrinkle to the game telling that he doesn’t plan on shaking hands with Russell Westbrook prior to tipoff.

“I don’t shake hands. That’s something I’ve never done before a game,” Durant told Chris Haynes of ESPN. “I just take the court to play. After the game, that’s different.”

Despite Durant stating that he doesn’t shake hands before the start of any game, it would be expected that he would make an exception for this monumental moment. He played his first nine years in the league alongside Westbrook, so it would make sense for there to be some sort of special treatment. It’s just the acknowledgment that the two have a different bond than other players on the court.

Instead, Durant has only brought more tension to the situation and further questioning from the media. The best thing route he could go with this is by just clearing the air with Westbrook at some point so that this never-ending story can lose traction. Until then, minute details such as this will continue to make headlines.

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