Kevin Love Shares The Crazy Story Of How He Saved A Friend’s Life In College



Kevin Love may get criticized for not being clutch in the right moments on the court, but no one can doubt his ability to be clutch in real life after a new story has surfaced of how Love once saved a friend’s life.

The story comes from Tyler Kandel, a water polo player that was close friends with Love when the both attended UCLA. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kandel recalled a time that Love quite literally saved his life.

The two were out for some drinks with another friend when they started rough housing. At some point, someone kicked a bottle that Kandel was holding, slicing open his wrist.

“I could see inside my hand, inside my wrist. The artery was split wide open.”

While many might panic at the sight of a gruesome injury like that, Love remained cool. His mother was a nurse, and he’d seen her apply tourniquets before.

“Kandel was wearing a black T-shirt, and Love tore it from his chest. Love’s mother, Karen, worked as a nurse at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland when he was growing up. He had never made a tourniquet, but he had seen it done before. Kandel yowled as Love tied the shirt into a knot around his wrist.”

Kandel was then rushed to the emergency room, where doctors told him he would have bled to death had Love not intervened. It’s a pretty crazy story, and Kandel is lucky that Love was there to save him.

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