Kevin Owens Just Absolutely Slams WWE Smackdown Announcer



IN the last few months, Kevin Owens has shown to be quite frank over social media in many assistances. He is a someone that is going to say whatever is on his mind. So when he caught wave of what Smackdown Live announcer said in reference to him, he fired back with a strong response.

Although Owens is protecting his own name, Otunga has caught plenty of flack from the wrestling universe. He also didn’t have a great in-ring career because of his limited skill set and ability. He just made himself an easy target for Owens.

It’s easy to target Owen’s weight but he responded back with a common perception of Otunga. It strikes a very real cord but also provides entertainment. There will be plenty of instances in the future where Owens takes a cheap shot at another WWE colleague via social media.

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