Kings Coach Fed Up With His Team And Has A Solution To Fix It



The Kings have been a toxic, unstable franchise for awhile now, and sadly it doesn’t seem that this season is changing things. Trade rumors are starting to swirl around Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins, who have both stated that they intend to explore free agency next summer.

New head coach Dave Joerger is fed up with the way the team is performing, and he’s ready to make some big changes.

“I’ve seen enough. We’re going to play small,” head coach Dave Joerger told ESPN.

“DeMarcus is going to play center. I don’t know who else will play with him. It just gives us more zip, more life, more experience. That’s not any detriment to anyone else or what they’ve done.”

It’s clear that Boogie is head and shoulders above the rest of his teammates, and building a new line up around that is smart. Using two bigs has caused problems, as point guard Darren Collision pointed out:

“It’s easier to get in the paint when two bigs are not there,” he said.

It’s likely that the Kings will move Gay to the power forward slot, giving the team another playmaker who doesn’t need to roam. But with rumors that he’ll be traded in the next three months, the Kings will need to find a suitable backup to replace him.

We have five skill guys then,” Joerger said. “You can’t cheat, you can’t roam, you have to play everybody. It gave us another dimension in the pick-and-roll, having two playmakers out there.”

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