Klay Thompson Furious About One Accusation Involving Kevin Durant



With the addition of Kevin Durant to the mix, it has made the Golden State Warriors the most explosive offense in the league. However, there have some noticeable struggles from Klay Thompson from 3-point range making just 6-of-49 attempts to begin the season. In light of that, Thompson recently told that these issues were not due to Durant’s arrival.

“Not at all. I struggled last year for the first 20 games, and Kevin wasn’t here. So it has nothing to do with Kevin.”

“So last year I struggled, then I went on a tear, so it’s just like any other season.”

“Obviously we have different players, but I’m still getting the shots I always got before he was here, so it’s not on Kevin at all.”

Thompson may not place the blame on Durant, but there is an obvious difference in his game so far this season. He is getting the same amount of shots that has gotten throughout his career, but they are not coming entirely in the same fashion as years past. It has led to more forced shots from that would come more in rhythm in the offense prior to Durant.

That said, Thompson has remained unphased by his struggles with his eyes fixated on just shooting his way out of this current offensive funk. It’s something to certainly keep an eye on as the season progresses. if it continues to persist, then there may lie a deeper issue here.

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