Klay Thompson Reacts To Kevin Durant Saying He’s Glad The Warriors Lost The Finals



When Kevin Durant admitted he was glad that the Warriors lost the NBA Finals, it was pretty obvious that his teammates weren’t going to be happy. While they’re surely happy that he joined the team, and understand that he meant that he was happy they lost because it prompted him to join, it still stings to hear.

Klay Thompson certainly didn’t appreciate the comments. Here’s what he said on SiriusXM NBA Radio:

That’s messed up, Kev.”

While his intention wasn’t to offend, Durant needs to learn to watch his words more carefully now. At Oklahoma City, he was the superstar on an underdog team, making him a darling of the media and fans alike. His move to Golden State turned him into a villain overnight, perhaps even more than LeBron was when he went to Miami. Speaking your mind is one thing, but when people are looking for any little reason to pounce down your throat, you’ve gotta be careful with your words.

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