Klay Thompson Takes A Subtle Jab At His Dad



It has been well publicized over Klay Thompson’s career his connection to the league with his father, Mychal Thompson, being a former NBA player. Mychal is currently one of the analysts for the Los Angeles Lakers’ radio broadcast team. Ahead of Friday’s game that pitted the Lakers against the Golden State Warriors, the two-time All-Star decided to take a friendly little jab at his father’s job.

Thompson has been working the commentator role for over the last 13 years and has been a staple on the airways for the team. He had been able to latch onto a successful career behind the microphone since his playing days ended more than two decades ago. The fact that Klay is mocking him is a sign of respect for his father getting into the position that he has been, which would be a dream job for many others in the business.

Ultimately, what this is nothing but a bit of bonding between father and son. The two have drawn a strong connection with the game of basketball. It’s just something that they relish greatly with each other.

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