Knicks Player Hernangomez Isn’t Afraid To Fire Shots At Dwight Howard After His Dirty Elbow


The New York Knicks took on the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night.  The Hawks have started the season strong and the Knicks were facing an uphill battle.  It was back and forth all night with both teams playing with a chip on their shoulders.

In the fourth quarter Dwight Howard seemed to become upset with Knicks player Willy Hernangomez.  While fighting for a rebound, Howard elbowed Hernangomez in the head.  A few moments later he also slashed down with his arm catching Hernangomez in the head again.  Take a look:

Willy Hernangomez took the whole incident in stride and had this to say about it after the game:

Looks like Dwight was way more upset by the game than anyone on the Knicks.  The Knicks got the win at the end of the night.





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