Kobe Bryant Believes He Knows What It Take To Guard LeBron James



Since his retirement, Kobe Bryant has quickly transitioned into his next career away from the court. He has become quite adept to his desire to becoming a storyteller in the film industry. In light of that, Bryant recently released a short video about how to guard LeBron James.

It’s an absolute gem of a video that shows the meticulous obsession that Bryant had on getting to know his opponents. He has one of the greatest basketball minds that the game has seen and this video just gave a quick glimpse to that. Bryant was unbelievably able to breakdown James’ game in a matter of minutes.

This was a huge part of what made Bryant one of the game’s greatest players. He not only had the work ethic and ability but also the mental edge that is needed to succeed at an extraordinary level in the NBA. All in all, we can’t wait to see what else Bryant will produce in his new career path.

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