Kristaps Porzingis Thinks He’s At The Center Of The NBA’s Next Big Rivalry



With the retirement of Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, there aren’t many big rivalries still alive in the NBA. Knicks Kristaps Porzingis thinks he’ll be at the center of the next big one.

He anticipates that he and Karl Anthony Towns will fill that void. They’re both big men from the same 2015 class, and they’ve both got a past history together. Porzingis described their relationship in an interview with the New York Post:

“I always had a lot of questions for him about college, he had a lot of questions for me coming from Europe. We interacted a lot. We’re staying in contact, text a lot. We always look forward to the next opportunity to play each other.”

Porzingis has found his footing in his second season in the league, averaging 21.4 points and 7.2 rebounds a game. He gave Towns props for his improvement as well, and noted that he anticipates the two will rival each other and compete with each other for years to come.

“He’s playing at a real high level, he’s going to be a big star in this league and I’m looking forward to having a long rivalry against him. He can do anything he wants on the floor. He can shoot from outside, drive from outside, postgame, big strong rebounder.”

Porzingis took first blood this year on Wednesday when the Knicks beat the Timberwolves 106-104, though Towns had the much better stat line with 47 points and 18 rebounds to Porzingis’ 29 and 8. Either way, it’ll be exciting to watch in the coming years as these two players develop.

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