Kurt Angle Has One Huge Problem With WWE Matches Nowadays



The WWE over the last several has made a huge shift in moving into the new era. It has brought in an entirely new style of wrestling. According to a recent interview with the Steve Austin Show, former WWE superstar Kurt Angle has some issues with it.

“I look at WWE, and there are a lot of good talent right now. Now, their style, I think they’ve picked up the pace a little bit more. And I think they need to pull that back a little bit and get back to being a little more old school. I think the pace is going too fast. And I think the one thing they’re not doing is not selling as much as they used to. I think that down the road, if they continue to do that and continue to pick up the pace, it will, it could kill the business a little bit. [Austin knows] that wrestling goes in cycles and there was a time, I remember when I was in WWE where I’d say I had 50 straight matches where I didn’t tie up. It started with punches. But then, it slowed down, and then, the style came into technical wrestling and I know [Austin] and I did a lot of that, so I think that it’ll come around. I just think right now, they’re probably giving these wrestlers less time on TV and if you give them less time, they’re not going to have time to tell that story at the beginning, showing that wrestling ability. Instead, they just go right into a high spot.”

There is plenty of talent in the WWE with the likes of AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, but some of the mid-card talent has had difficulty getting a grip hold on their position in the company. Much of this has been their in-ring performance that emphasizes using a faster pace to the match. It not only can lead to injury but some sloppy execution of moves.

During Angle’s era, there was more attention being paid toward to the technically of wrestling. This helped produce some highly memorable matches, including many including the Olympic Hero himself. All in all, there are some glaring fixes that need to be made in order to make the wrestling more appealing to wrestling fans.

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