Kurt Angles Believes AJ Styles Is Better Than One WWE Legend



Kurt Angle is regarded by many as one of the greatest wrestlers in professional wrestling history. He has wrestled with numerous other greats during his heyday with the WWE. In a recent interview with International Business Times, he had some glowing praise for AJ Styles.

“AJ consistently has 4-star matches at the very least. 5-star most of the time. But it’s the fact that you can get in the ring with him and not break a sweat. What makes him the greatest wrestler in the world today is the fact that he can do all the stuff that he does, and all I have to do is catch him…He has the athletic ability that I’ve never been in the ring with,” Angle said.

“I would compare him to Shawn Michaels, but AJ might have been even more athletic than Shawn. So AJ is a special wrestler. One of a kind. And anybody that wrestles him will tell you that,” he added.

This is certainly saying a lot as Michaels has earned much respect and admiration as being one of the greatest to step in the squared circle. He was an all-around talent that was capable of performing absolutely anything that was asked of him in the ring. With Angle stating this just shows that he has a tremendous level of respect for Styles.

Styles has quickly risen to the top in the WWE in less than a year becoming the WWE champion behind many strong performances in the ring. What has helped is his unique athleticism that allows him to do many different the array of often jaw-dropping moves. With Styles at the top of his game at 39 years old, it could just be the beginning to an illustrious WWE career.

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