Kyle Korver Deal In Jeopardy Thanks To Mike Dunleavy’s Actions



The talk of the league this week has been about the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks. The two teams put together the first big trade of the season, sending Kyle Korver to Cleveland in return for Mike Dunleavy and a draft pick.

But that deal is now in jeopardy, thanks to Dunleavy. Apparently he isn’t keen on playing for the Hawks, and has refused to show up in Atlanta yet.

That’s not a good sign of confidence in their new player. But the Hawks clearly aren’t after Dunleavy, who is objectively a huge downgrade from Korver. They want draft picks, and they’re willing to just fine Dunleavy until he shows up.

The biggest problem will be for Cleveland. Korver won’t be allowed to practice or play with the team until the deal is complete, which is contingent on Dunleavy showing up in Atlanta.

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