Kyrie Irving Points Blame For Cavs 4th Quarter Struggles



The Cavs have had a tremendous start to their title season, losing only one game in their first seven. Despite their success, Kyrie Irving isn’t happy with the way the Cavs keep slowing down in the fourth quarter, and he’s ready to point blame.

With LeBron usually benched to rest for the fourth quarter, Kyrie Irving usually leads the second unit as they close out games. Kyrie isn’t happy with the way he’s performing as a leader in that roll, and blames himself for the team’s struggles.

“When I missed those first two, they get back and they go up 11 and just a shift in energy starts to change and then we bring back Bron,” Irving said. “For me, I want to give him a little more rest or whenever he needs to come or (coach Tyronn) T. Lue feels like he needs to come in, I just want to be able to either get the lead back or making it within one or make the game even closer than it was. It’s my job as one of the leaders.”

Part of what makes Kyrie so good is his lack of contentment. Most players would be thrilled by a 6-1 start, but Kyrie isn’t most players. He’s unhappy that the Cavs let games get close, and willing to shoulder the blame to motivate himself and his team to improve. He approaches every aspect of his game with this attitude, but still manages to remain calm and confident:

“I just have to have a package that I’m mentally aware of for Kevin (Love) and myself, especially leading that group with Shump (Iman Shumpert), Channing (Frye), R.J. (Richard Jefferson) and Mike Duns (Dunleavy). We have to have a package that we definitely can go to and I can go to. Our screen-and-roll was definitely there.”

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