Lakers Take A Hit As Key Player Injures Achilles



No one expected the Lakers to be good this year, given their young squad and first time head coach. But the Lakers didn’t seem to get the memo, and they’re spending their “rebuilding” season racking up win and playing very entertaining basketball.

That may come to a halt soon, as they’ve just lost yet another player to injury. After going without D’Angelo Russell’s services for several games, the Lakers will now be without Nick Young for an as of yet undetermined amount of time. Young sprained his Achilles in the first quarter of their game against the Pelicans.

Head coach Luke Walton said that Swaggy P would undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the injury, and that he would likely not play Wednesday night. As for the team plan, he admitted that the injury would cause him some headaches in making new lineups:

“It will be tough. Without breaking up that second unit — the filling in the shooting guard spot while D’Angelo [Russell] is already hurt — we’ll have to get creative.”

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