Lakes’ Coach Luke Walton Has Dished Incredible Praise For One Of His Players



Through the first few weeks of training camp, new Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton has been encouraged by the play of his young team. He has been most impressed by their potential defensively. In light of that, Walton has provided tremendous praise to one of his core players.

This a huge turnaround for Clarkson as he struggled on the defensive end of the floor last year often becoming a defensive liability. He has shown be an entirely different player through the first three games of the preseason with a renewed commitment to his individual defense. Clarkson has been a stout defender with five steals to show for it.

The change in his level of interest defensively subtly shows that Byron Scott wasn’t getting through to his players like he had hoped. On the other hand, Walton has quickly connected with his players and received their full attention and respect. All of this should only make Lakers fans excited for what lies ahead.

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