LaMarcus Aldridge Takes A Shot At Spurs Despite Winning Streak



The San Antonio Spurs are off to another strong start to the season currently holding one of the best records in the league. However, there has been much internal disappointment about how the team has played over that stretch. This has now included All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge speaking out about it.

“We’re still not playing to the level we want to,” Aldridge told Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News. “Defensively, we’ve had a lot of breakdowns. Offensively, we’re not running certain plays right. We’re still learning. We don’t feel good yet.”

The Spurs have adopted the perfectionist mentality even when the team is experiencing a high level of success. There is always something t0 prove on in the course of the game. Their three losses have come against playoff-caliber teams, but the style of play hasn’t been the cleanest.

Kawhi Leonard has made a smooth transition to being the team’s No.1 scoring option, but offseason addition Pau Gasol has struggled to fit in the flow of things. It will take some time for that be corrected and will continue to a point of emphasis.However, don’t expect the Spurs to suddenly hiccup out of the top of the standings in the Western Conference.

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