Lebron Has A Pretty High Opinion Of Himself


Lebron James shocked the basketball world last year when he and the Cavaliers overcame a 3-1 deficit to win the title against the Golden State Warriors.  Lebron played like the superstar he is and helped finally bring a NBA title to Cleveland.  So far this year, he has gotten right back to it.  He is averaging 23.4 points a game, 8.9 rebounds per game, and 9.6 assists per game.

Recently, he has been spending a bit more time playing at the elbow.  When asked if this position was a good fit for him he had this to say:

Ice. Cold.  It may sound cocky, but hey, the guy is right.  Lebron is formidable wherever he is on the court.  For example, his standout play of last year’s finals was a defensive play: his massive block on Andre Iguodala.

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