LeBron James And Michael Jordan Face Off In Ohio State-Michigan Game



It’s rivalry week in college football, which means some of the biggest games of the year. Among the biggest is Michigan vs. Ohio State.

It’s one of the toughest, most historic rivalries in all of sports. And just when you thought it couldn’t get more intense, this year it’s become a battleground for Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Earlier this year, Michigan became the first college program to be sponsored by MJ’s company, Air Jordan. Meanwhile, LeBron announced last night that he’ll be sponsoring the Buckeyes with special LeBron cleats.

“We’ve been trying to do this for a while now,” James said. “I actually was trying to get a cleat on Ted Ginn in the national championship back when he was at Ohio State and he broke his foot on the kick return. Probably would’ve saved him, but uh, it wasn’t ready, it wasn’t quite ready.”

The timing couldn’t have been better, bringing up the time honored tradition of debating whether MJ or LeBron is the better player.

“It’s just a coincidence that obviously the other team is in Jordan gear,” James said.

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