LeBron James Is Catching Heat For A Silly Reason



Earlier this week, LeBron James made the decision to sit out his first game of the season as a healthy scratch. With the Cleveland Cavaliers off to a hot start, it was seen a reasonable time to take a night off. However, he has caught some backlash from WTHR columnist Bob Kravitz for missing the contest.

The wussification of America is complete now.

Now, before my old city of Cleveland crushes me and suggests I’m calling James soft, understand, I am not. Repeat: I. Am. Not. The guy is the ultimate basketball warrior, as tough-minded and emotionally invested in winning as Michael or Kobe or any of the other all-timers. I’m just saying, these guys are now surrounded by so many specialists, so many sports scientists and sleep doctors and nutritionists and folks who monitor their every bodily function, even the gross ones, they end up being pampered and babied and convinced they need a night off in just the 11th game of the season.)

Kravitz has plenty of emotion behind his rant that goes beyond just James sitting out the game. It’s more geared toward players not playing because of what he feels is softening of the today’s game. He has used the old argument of comparing two completely different eras of basketball.
The fact of the matter is that there’s no reason to call out and James in any manner as he has logged a tremendous amount of minutes up to this point in his career. He is currently 38th all-time in minutes played at 38,848 and will climb that chart up into the top 10 when all is said and done. This is just a foolish reason to be angry toward James.

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