LeBron James Trashes Trump Over His “Locker Room Talk”



This week has been dominated about debate over Republican nominee Donald Trump’s vile “locker room talk” comments from a video that surfaced late last week. In it, Trump and Bush family reject Billy Bush casually talk about how their fame affords them the ability to sexually assault married women without hesitation.

In his pseudo-apology, Trump tried to dismiss the comments as nothing more than “locker room talk,” the kinds of things every guy says in a locker room. On Wednesday, LeBron James was asked if that kind of talk was consistent with his experiences in locker rooms. James harshly denounced his comments and said that his comments weren’t locker room talk, but rather that they were trash talk.

James, who has endorsed Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, didn’t even refer to Trump by name, referring to him only as “that guy.” His comments aren’t surprising. Even staunch Trump supporters have rejected his comments, saying they cannot condone a man who brags about sexual assault. James has a strong reputation as a family man, so it’s no shock that he was just as disgusted and shocked by Trump’s comments as everyone else was.

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