Look At This Warriors Player’s Ridiculous Flop In Their Embarrassing First Game Loss To The Spurs


The Warriors are off to a rocky start to the 2016-2017 season.  After breaking the record for best season in NBA history, the Warriors have already suffered their first defeat.  Their opening night against the Spurs resulted in a 129-100 blowout loss.

While the entire game was full of troubling moments for the Warriors, this flop by Andre Iguodala stands out.

This is why the warriors get me tight.. smh 😂😡🤔

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This little bit of theatrics earned Iguodala the very first flop warning of the season from league officials.  Although it looks like Kawhi Leonard did indeed accidentally make contact with him, Iguodala greatly exaggerated the severity.  The Warriors have nowhere to go but up after a dismal start.

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