Looks Like There Might Be Some Bad Blood Between The Heat And Dwyane Wade


Dwayne Wade surprised the sports world this past free agency when he decided to leave the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls.  Wade had spent his entire NBA career playing in Miami after being drafted by them in 2003.  He won three NBA Championships with the Heat and many thought he would one day retire with them.  However, he shattered those ideas and decided to play for his hometown Chicago Bulls.

Despite his departure, it seemed that there were no bad feelings between Wade and the Heat following his decision.  Now though, Wade has opened up about what happened and it seems that perhaps things didn’t go as smoothly as people thought.  Here is what he had to say:

“I think you guys know, I haven’t talked to him.  It’s as simple as that. I think I’ve been very open and honest about my respect and love with Pat. I’ve been honest that I haven’t spoken to him since the season ended.”

Wade needs to look to the future and focus on his season with the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls head to Miami on Thursday to set up the first matchup between Wade and his former team.

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