Luke Walton Is Hoping One Warriors Player Can Help Guide Brandon Ingram



When the Los Angeles Lakers selected Brandon Ingram with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, it immediately put a tremendous amount of expectations on him. He is one of their core pieces that head coach Luke Walton hopes to build around. According to the Orange County Register, Walton enlisted the help of one of his former players Andre Iguodala to help mentor the 19-year-old.

Andre is a one of the smarter players I’ve been around,” Walton said before the Lakers played host to the Warriors on Friday at Staples Center. “He cares about the game of basketball and he does things the right way. I felt that Brandon could learn a lot from him.”

“The NBA is a crazy world, especially when you’re as young as some of these young guys are,” Walton said. “It’s important to have relationships with some older vets that have been around.”

Walton knows what it’s like to be in the NBA, especially at a young age and knows the distractions that could come about. Ingram seems like he has a low key and focused personality, but the help of a veteran voice could go a long ways in his progression as a player and person. All it takes is for one thing to go awry and everything could fall off the hinges.

The Lakers have a lot of hope that Ingram can become something special for him, and are willing to take any measure to ensure he has the opportunity to achieve that. He has already shown flashes that he can be a huge factor on both ends of the floor but has shown much need for growth. With the proper environment set for him, Ingram could have a chance to surpass all those expectations.

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