Manu Ginobili Decided To Return Another Season For A Surprising Reason



This past offseason, there was some uncertainty as to whether Manu Ginobili would return for another season. However, he ultimately decided to continue his NBA career. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Ginobili made the decision to come back for one reason.

“I decided the last few years not to let a win or a loss affect my everyday life, my family’s life, and all that. So I’m way more relaxed. I decided to come back because I feel I still enjoy it. I can still help the team. That’s it.”

It’s clear that Ginobili still has a strong passion for the game that has pushed him to continue his career. He has experienced much success in the NBA as a four-time NBA champion. In the latter stages of his playing days, Ginobili is playing purely off his passion for the game.

Ginobili is no longer that player he once was, but can still be a factor on the floor in a limited role off the bench averaging just under 20 minutes per game. His presence also brings much-needed leadership to the team both on the court and in the locker room. With that said, the Spurs should cherish Ginobili while they still have him in the fold.

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