Mark Cuban Denies Rumors Surrounding Dallas Mavericks



The Dallas Mavericks are off to a terrible start, and have earned the dishonor of worst record in the league as a result. As a result, pretty much everyone expects the team to tank in hopes of winning the lottery for next season’s draft.

Everyone but owner Mark Cuban, that is. Cuban has dismissed the rumors of tanking, insisting that he expects his team to continue to compete.

“Haters gonna hate. We think that you always compete. If you’re competing when the league is better like it is this year, if you don’t do well, you’ll be in a position to get a good pick. Which, remember, even if you have the worst record in the NBA, there’s a 75 percent chance you’re not going to get the top pick.”

“The only way you overcome that is to have the ultimate superstar carry you through, and it’s tough to draft the ultimate superstar. I don’t see any Shaqs or LeBrons or Tim Duncans in this draft, so I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. You just ignore the haters, let them b–ch, and go about your business.”

While he wants his team to compete, he acknowledges that it’s not going to happen with the current roster. He’s interested in making a big move to acquire some talent to help refresh the team.

“We’ll see what happens across the course of the season to see if anybody emerges like that, but I’m not panicking, not rushing to judgment, not pulling the plug, pick a euphemism.”

It seems he’s actually motivated to do something, so we’ll see what happens. Several players are rumored to be up for trades this year, so if Cuban is really committed, he should be able to find some solid choices to bring to the team.

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