Mark Cuban Is Actually Considering Something Insane



The Dallas Mavericks are out to a slow start to the season having won just two out of their last 13 games. In fact, they currently hold the worst record in the league. In a recent interview with Ronald Tillery of USA Today, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is actually considering openly tanking.

Q: Would you consider tanking this season?

A: We will look at that like game 75 or maybe game 70. Like I said many times when six teams are racing to the bottom you don’t want to race to the bottom. When teams aren’t racing to the bottom, which is more like this year, then you play your heart out and win as many games as you can. When your young guys learn how to play to win, you’re still going to have a chance at a good pick if things aren’t working for you.

There’s no question we knew we had to get younger. It wasn’t working just bringing in 30-35 year old guys all the time, and so we did it. We’re not winning games like we want but we’re hoping it’ll pay off dividends because the young guys are getting minutes.

Although Dallas is dealing with some major injuries to Dirk Nowitzki and Deron Williams, the team is going nowhere fast. Harrison Barnes has proven to be a strong pick up so far, but the franchise has clearly taken a step back. The franchise looks to be headed toward a total rebuild.

What is most surprising about this is that Cuban has never been a big proponent of tanking. This is something that he may have to fully accept once Nowitzki decides to step away. The way things are headed, it won’t be long from now.

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