Mark Henry Airs Out His Feeling About His Current Role With WWE



In the last couple of years, Mark Henry has taken up a minor on-air role with the WWE. In fact, he has been in matches sporadically over the past few months. In a recent interview with Myles, Henry discussed his feeling about his current role with the WWE.

“No, I’m happy in my role. My role is a lot of times behind the camera. We’ll be seeing what happens here in a little bit, I think everybody will be pleasantly surprised.”

Although he’s no longer in the fold of things on air, Henry sounds like he’s more than content about what he’s doing now. He has had a very successful career in professional wrestling and appears to be transitioning to more of a behind-the-scenes role. This has commonly been the case for many wrestlers in the business near the tail end of their careers.

That said, Henry is still from time to time participating in dark matches with the company. He obviously still has a passion for getting in the ring and performing in front of huge crowds across the country. What this signals is that it will be some time before the World’s Strongest Man finally decides to retire.

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