Melo Gets Involved In The Beef Between Phil Jackson And LeBron



Phil Jackson has made headlines recently, not for his his stellar work with the Knicks (which has been mediocre at best this season), but for the shots he took at LeBron James. LeBron fired back, and suddenly it’s the talk of the league.

Caught in the middle is Carmelo Anthony, who can’t understand why Jackson took the shots in the first place. As the star of the Knicks, he’s got at least some obligation to stand by the executives of his organization. But as a friend of LeBron, he doesn’t want to stand by and let someone close to him get attacked for no reason. With no winning side, Melo was left mostly confused as to why the beef got started at all:

“You just never know when it comes to Phil,” Anthony said according to Knicks reporter Mike Vorkunov. “I just don’t understand him talking about LeBron right now, in November. I don’t understand that.”

Melo also pointed out that Jackson has a reputation for speaking his mind with no filter, something that his bitten him in the ass on more than one occasion.

“There’s different words that different people use in different ways. To some people the word ‘posse’ might not mean anything but to some other people it could be a derogatory statement. It all depends on who you’re mentioning it to, who you’re talking about, in that sense. In this sense he was talking about five black men and their situation. Do I think he meant it any kind of way? I really don’t know. I don’t think he did. I would hope that he didn’t.”

“Sometimes Phil just says things and he says the first thing that comes to mind, and then probably is in his office right now regretting it. I don’t know. When it comes to Phil, you just never know what’s going to be said, what’s coming out.”

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