Michael Jordan Unveils An Interesting Stance About Kevin Durant’s Decision



Earlier this week, Russell Westbrook was enshrined into the Oklahoma City’s Hall of Fame with Michael Jordan doing the honors of introducing him. It was something that made headway in its own right. However, something Jordan said has sparked attention toward Kevin Durant’s decision to bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason.

Jordan’s stance is more of that being pro-player in allowing them to make their own decisions. Although he may not have gone through with that move himself, the Hall of Famer respects Durant’s choice. It’s more of the stance of two each his own.

On the flipside of the coin, Westbrook did show tremendous loyalty by deciding to stay with the team and agreeing to a contract extension. He could have easily chosen to go the same route and take his talent elsewhere. That said, this is going to continue to be a topic of conversation over the rest of this season.

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