Mick Foley has Interesting Take ON Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg Mega Match



It’s just a matter of days before the WWE finally sees Goldberg and Brock Lesnar compete in a match for the first time in nearly 13 years. There has been plenty of hype building up to it. In a recent interview with Mike Jones of DC 101, Foley provided his take on the mega match.

“I think when Brock squared off against Goldberg in 2004, Brock was leaving to try his hand in the NFL and Goldberg’s contract was up and they didn’t have the intensity that had been the hallmark of their career. I think for 12 years those guys have wondered ‘what if, what if we brought the intensity that night’. I think they’ll make up for it, maybe too much intensity!”

If the promos that each of these two superstars cut is an indication of what to expect than Foley is certainly on to something. These are two of the most intense wrestlers that the business has ever seen, and to see them face off is a dream come true to many wrestling fans. It will be a clash of physical strength and willpower that should feature many eyebrow-raising moments.
This is something that has been long in the making, and if it pans out well then there could be another chapter in this feud. There is a lot riding on this bout that could further cement these two superstars’ legacies. The WWE universe could be in store for an all-time classic match.

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