More Details Released About Alberto Del Rio’s Stabbing Incident



Earlier this week it was revealed that Alberto Del Rio had been stabbed multiple times prior to his flight to his first major post-WWE match. There hasn’t yet been many details released about what exactly happened. According to Court Bauer of MLW Radio, a few more key details are now known.

“A confrontation occurred when a driver of a car hit Alberto’s car, and both Alberto and the driver got out of their cars, and the driver pulled a knife. As Alberto started to walk away… he was slashed from behind by this f*cking coward. Alberto then turned around and at that point in time, the assailant tried to slash his face. Alberto was able to move to the side but he sliced the side of Alberto’s head.

At that point, Alberto basically took him down. As he’s taking him down, he’s stabbing Alberto in the arm, in the shoulder, slicing him down to the bone on the forearm area of his arm — muscle ripping out. Alberto ends up getting the knife away, and in the aftermath the assailant gets away.”

This comes shortly after Del Rio posted a few photos of his wounds that he suffered on his arms and head. It just brings more clarity to the entire situation with the severity of the injuries that now known. He was clearly in no condition to wrestle after this incident.

Del Rio is extremely lucky that he didn’t end up in far worse condition with any life-threatening lacerations. There’s obviously no timetable for his return because of the injuries that he suffered. Let’s just hope that he has a speedy recovery from this ugly incident.

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