NBA Fans Should Be Excited About Kevin Garnett’s First Post-NBA Move



About a week ahead of the start of the 2016-17 season, Kevin Garnett announced his retirement from the NBA after 21 seasons. Since then, the Big Ticket has been a hot commodity among NBA teams as a potential assistant coach. However, it appears that Garnett has joined TNT’s “Inside The NBA” show as a remote contributor.

This move comes a bit out of left field as there wasn’t much of an inkling that he was considering this route. That said, the talk of becoming an assistant coach didn’t quite sound right either as he had voiced in the past that it was something he’d never consider doing. This will likely put the talk of coaching on the backburners for the time being.

Nonetheless, Garnett has a bubbling personality that should make great for TV alongside Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny ‘The Jet” Smith, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson. It should be a seamless transition for him given his familiarity with this group. All in all, there should be many entertaining shows ahead with KG now in the mix.

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