NBA Issues Brandon Jennings A $15,000 Fine For On Court Behavior Issue



The New York Knicks talked a big game this off season after making some big moves to shake up the roster. So far, it’s done nothing but blow up in their face. The fans aren’t happy and it’s clear that the players aren’t either.

Brandon Jennings exemplified the frustration in the locker room during a blow out loss to the Boston Celtics. Jennings slammed the ball into the ground out of frustration, earning himself a technical foul. After the call, Jennings got into a verbal confrontation with the official, leading to an ejection from the game.

On Sunday the league issued Jennings a $15,000 fine for his actions, making him the second player to be ejected and fined this season. After the game, Jennings explained his frustration to Newsday:

“I was just frustrated. We were getting blown out. I felt like we got punked.”

The Knicks are currently 12th in the East with a 3-6 record. They do have 5 home games out of their next 6, so they’ve got a good opportunity to correct course.

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