NFL Responds To Excessive Celebration Criticism By Making Even Worse Calls



It almost seems like the NFL is trolling fans at this point. The league makes an absurd excessive celebration call because they think fans will be offended or upset. Fans instead get upset that the NFL made the call in the first place. In response, the NFL makes even more calls.

It would be funny if it weren’t a sign of out completely out of touch with their fanbase the NFL has become. This week the NFL made what is surely the worst excessive celebration penalty of the season. Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins made a perfect pass to Vernon Davis in the end zone to take Washington up 14-0 against the Eagles.

After he scored, Davis took a free throw with the ball through the uprights. He was immediately flagged and given the excessive celebration call. Whether the NFL genuinely believes that a guy taking a second and a half to throw the ball would offend their fans, or if they simply don’t want NFL fans to be reminded that the NBA exists is anyone’s guess. The call backed Washington up 15 yards from kick off, which caused a short kick that was run back 86 yards for a touchdown.

And that’s the worst part of these calls: it’s not that the calls are pointless or that they’re subjective and impossible to fairly officiate. It’s the fact that they can have a real impact on the game. The Eagles scored because Vernon Davis shot a free throw. That’s insane. If the NFL actually cares about a competitive product with fair officiating, it’s time to get rid of their absurd penalties.

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