NFL Rules Expert Weighs In On Why Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry Wasn’t Ejected From Sunday’s Game



Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams suffered a head or neck injury after Jarvis Landry leveled him with a vicious hit during the Dolphins’ 28-25 win Sunday.

Landry was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the hit, in which he left his feet and drilled Williams in the head. The blow left Williams on the ground for several minutes, and he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Many wondered why the hit didn’t result in an automatic ejection. NFL rules expert Mike Pereira weighed in on the play and why Landry was not kicked out of the game.

The Bills’ Twitter account called the hit a “cheap shot.”

cheap shot***

— Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) October 23, 2016

“To me it is a football play,” Pereira said in the video above. “You certainly have the right by rule because the rule does say that flagrant offenders can be disqualified, but usually ejections come from non-football acts that happen after the play.

“So a punch or a kick. But if it’s a football act, unlikely to ever see a disqualification.”

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