NFL Star Gets Ejected After Throw A “Flag” At The Ref



While the Chiefs easily handled the Jaguars to take home a victory today, it wasn’t always pretty. The ugliest part of the game perhaps was when the Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce was ejected from the game for two “unsportsmanlike conduct” calls in a row.

The whole thing started when the Chiefs were in the red zone looking for a touchdown. Kelce was the target of the play, but couldn’t bring the ball in thanks to some pretty blatant pass interference.

The refs, standing right there, didn’t make a call. Kelce was infuriated and started mouth off to the refs. The ref threw a flag, ready to issue an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Before he could even call out the penalty, Kelce doubled down and threw his towel at the ref as it were a flag, calling the ref out for his terrible no call.

While the call was definitely a failure on the part of the refs, Kelce had to have known he’d get ejected. You can’t lose your cool on the refs, especially not these days, when smiling too wide is considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

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