Nick Young’s Game Winner Exemplifies The Selfishness And Style Of Swaggy P



Luke Walton may be a first year head coach, but he’s found a ton of success in his young Lakers team. Everyone expected them to be terrible again this year, but Walton has found a way to motivate his players and get them firing on all cylinders.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Walton’s work has been Nick Young. Young showed some amazing skill and promise when he showed up in Los Angeles, but tons of off the court drama and conflict between teammates led to a decline in his career that left him on the verge of being let go by the Lakers.

Fast forward a month into the season and Young looks back on track. As he’s gotten back on track, he’s started embracing his Swaggy P alter ego again. And last night, he pulled his most Swaggy P move to date when he stole a pass from his own teammate to hit the game winning 3.

It was the most Swaggy P thing ever. 10 seconds on the clock, trailing by 1, ball going to Lou Williams. Swaggy P hustles over to steal the ball, take the three, sink it, and then steal D’Angelo Russell’s ice in my veins celebration. Swaggy P is back.

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