One Stat That Proves Just How Terrible Brock Osweiler Has Been For The Texans



After the Houston Texans declared Brock Osweiler their franchise quarterback with a $72 million contract, many fans were worried. Unfortunately for them, this season has proven their worries correct.

Osweiler stands behind a good offensive line with a great running back in Lamar Miller and one of the most talented wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins. Add in a talented defense featuring JJ Watt and, on paper, you have a recipe for success. But the Texans haven’t found success, because Osweiler can’t find much of anything. And just one statistic can prove just how awful he’s been.

That’s right; the Texans running back is getting more yards per carry than their quarterback is getting yards per attempt. Those are horrible numbers for any quarterback; if the Texans were playing a backup quarterback who was getting those numbers it would be bad. But the fact that Osweiler is the guy they wanted to build a franchise around, someone they locked up in a massive contract, and he’s still putting up those kinds of numbers is beyond comprehension.

The Texans offered Osweiler his contract before he’d even met with the coaching staff. Hopefully they won’t be stupid enough to make that mistake again.

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