Paige Has Provided A Huge Injury Update



In the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot said about Paige’s health situation. There was plenty of bickering back and forth between her camp and the WWE. In light of that, Paige underwent surgery on Wednesday and provided an update on her status.


This is definitely great news for Paige given the extent of this injury that required neck operation. Any time surgery is performed on the spine, it’s quite nerve-wracking for everyone involved because of the huge risks involved. With it being a successful fix, she can now focus on getting herself healthy over the next several months in hopes of returning to the ring for the WWE.

It has been a merry-go-round of events for Paige over the last few months serving her first 30-day suspension for violating the wellness policy to her fiance Alberto Del Rio being involved in a stabbing incident. Things could finally settle down as she begins her rehab in a couple of weeks from this major surgery. Hopefully, this clears up any lingering physical problems for her moving forward.

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