Paige Opens Up About Her WWE Future



In the last few weeks days since the WWE announced a second suspension for Paige for violating the talent wellness policy, her future with the company has been in serious question. There were reports a few weeks ago that she had heavily considered leaving the business. According to Wrestling Inc., Paige has finally brought some clarity to the situation.

As noted earlier, TMZ Sports caught up with Paige and Alberto Del Rio this week. In the video, when asked if she would be back with WWE, Paige laughed and replied, “I have to.” She noted that she would be Del Rio’s shadow “for the next six or seven months or so” while she’s recovering from her surgery, which would put her return in April or May of 2017.

Paige is expected to miss the next several months due to neck surgery that she announced she needed a couple of weeks ago. Although the 60-day suspension levied against her is disappointing news, this shouldn’t delay her return to the ring given the long recovery time frame needed for the surgery. It will likely be the same timeline that Nikki Bella had for his own neck operation earlier this year.
What Paige’s comments also indicate is that she doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about coming back to the WWE. It has been a bumpy last couple of months for her with Alberto Del Rio announcing his departure from the company and her two wellness policy violations. All in all, it appears that the former NXT champion will make her return sometime next year.

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