Paige’s Brother Chimes In On Her WWE Suspension



The WWE on Monday announced that Paige has violated the company’s wellness policy for the second time resulting in a 60-day suspension. The 24-year-old has already voiced her frustration with this latest action taken by her employer. It appears that the angry doesn’t stop there as Paige’s brother has also weighed in on the news.

Paige had hinted that her suspension was due to getting a prescription drug. What her brother has stated makes sense as the former NXT Women’s champion did recently state that she was going to undergo neck surgery after suffering an injury. This certainly doesn’t sound like something that wouldn’t warrant another suspension.

Remember, Paige stated that the first violation was due to the rescheduling of the drug test. She had even indicated that she had passed that exam. It just goes to show that the WWE should alter some of the guidelines set in their wellness policy or else things like this will continue to happen.

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