Patrick Patterson Rips The NBA After Controversial Loss To Kings



Last night the Toronto Raptors lost to the Sacramento Kings after the most controversial ending of the season. Terrence Ross hit a game-tying 3 pointer to force overtime just as the buzzer rung. But the officials then decided that the clock had been messed up after the throw in, and that the basket did not count since Ross didn’t get his shot off before time would have expired had they done their jobs correctly.

This marks the second time in recent memory that the Raptors lost a game to the Kings due to unacceptably bad officiating. Fans were justifiably furious, and the players were as well. Patrick Patterson took to Twitter after the game to rip into the NBA and their apparent vendetta against fairly officiating Raptors games.

The NBA hasn’t responded, and with no remaining match ups between the Raptors and the Kings this season, it’s unlikely that the teams will play the overtime period at a later date. Raptors fans will just have to live with getting burned by the officials yet again, and Kings fans will get to enjoy a rare win for the team.

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